Life’s Too Short to be Poor Forever 🙅

Over 86% of people have no savings when they reach 30s. Imagine that -- spending your 30s with no money or savings, struggling in a dead-end job with an annoying boss, and having kids to worry about. What happens then? The stress of family and work wears you down, all happiness is sucked out, and life ends up in mediocrity…

Is there a better way? Absolutely. The solution is to start in your teens and begin earning now. CashForKids Clubs helps you do exactly that by allowing you to complete tasks and convert your social media influence into real cash that you can use now! With no experience when they started off with us, over 185,000 of our members have earned $1000+ amounts, all while sitting at home. For a limited time, we’re offering a $25 FREE bonus to new registrations!

How You Earn 💸 with our confidential Influence Algorithms

Our Algorithms provide you sponsor tasks directly, allowing us to cut out the middleman and transfer 93% revenue to you. We reward you for two actions: completing tasks and inviting people with your special link.

Complete “Top Tasks” with your mobile phone to earn $120+ in under 10 minutes. A task is a sponsor's direct request to you to install their app, use it for some time, and to leave a rating out of 5. Each task only takes a few minutes to complete. Your review must be your own, our sponsors pay for your opinions.

Complete tasks & use your social media influence to promote these links and earn as much as you want -- there are no limits !

Our Happy Family 😊

Stories from over 185,000+ successful members

Paula C.

CashForKids Club is really something unique and wonderful. I have been using it for months, and now earn a stable $800 - $1200 weekly. I was able to purchase the latest iPhone with my money and have already saved much money to get me through first year of university. I never knew there was so much value in my social media network. Thanks CashForKids for this amazing opportunity!

Paula C.
Northeastern University
Last Payout: $720 on 02/22/2019

I’ve been able to make hundreds of dollars weekly with CashForKids Club. All time I wasted on facebook and instagram is finally giving me something useful! For a student like me, being a part of CashForKids is a blessing. I’ve bought many sneakers and clothes already, and now I’m saving up for a car before I get to college

Philip M.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Last Payout: $1200 on 02/25/2019

Thought this was a fake till my first payment came on paypal lol. CashForKids Club has given me an opportunity to earn when I really needed money. As a poor kid, the extra money really helps & has reduced my anxiety & insecurity in school. I was able to save up and completely changed the way I dress, now I have a lot more friends and girls notice me too. None of this would be possible without CashForKids, was able to avoid wasting time on social media and now instead earn money using it!

Anython D.
Curwensville, Philadelphia
Last Payout: $600 on 02/20/2019

How Does it All Work?

Social media networks have reached over 4 billion users combined -- you likely being one of them. All social media users have opinions about products that are valuable to the various international businesses that produce them. This is how Google earns its money -- they track your ‘thoughts’ from all your searches and email, predict what you want to buy at any time, and sell that data to advertisers. In return, they give you Gmail, Google Search, and their other products for “free”.

At CashForKids, we have researched and developed a new AI-based algorithm over 13 years by testing and comparing over 390,000 software variations. This unique algorithm allows sponsors to operate at 7-8x efficiency of other networks by directly working with you to get usage data & feedback about their new products. This happens in the form of curated tasks you see on top of your account dashboard, where each task is a request by our sponsor to use their app or to complete their survey, with simple instructions to validate usage. Our sponsors pay us when you complete a task successfully, and we pay over 93% of that to you, directly.

For a very limited time, we are offering a joining bonus to get new users onboard. If you’re one of the lucky readers, the offer hasn’t expired (yet!) and you can start using CashForKids Club with FREE $25 already added in your account!

Our Story

Our best users have earned thousands of dollars with our Influence algorithms. When we started off 13 years ago, we were only able to pay out $2 per invite but now can pay $15 due to the massive explosion of technology and social media.

The rapid social media wave in the recent years allows us to sustain our business and profit. Have you gained any benefit from your internet usage yet? Or do you simply consume apps and games all day, designed to waste your time? You change your fortune for the better and start earning a comfortable living from your home. Get your free bonus while it lasts. Remember -- opportunity doesn’t knock twice.